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    Can I order in bulk for an event?

    Yes, we offer special discounts for bulk order and special events. Head over to our events page to learn more. We can help you with design, size and volume. We are one of the only companies in the world who can fulfill orders and ship inside of one week.

    How does shipping work?

    Domestic shipping is Free on orders over $40.  For all other shipping rates please refer to our shipping page. Orders are available as soon as 3 business days.

    How long will my tattoo last?

    Our temporary tattoos are the highest quality.  The tattoos will last 3-4 days in top condition with normal everyday wear and tear. Our Temporary tattoos can last up to 7 days if properly taken care of.  You can shower, sweat and still enjoy the highest quality.  If you need to remove quickly, apply baby oil and rub with a damp cloth.

    Is my tattoo safe for my skin?

    This is a cosmetically formulated product manufactured for application onto the skin and as such has no danger from skin contact when applied and used for the purpose intended. For a full list of ingredients and safety standard please see the following link for Heath, Safety and Ingredients.

    Why Temporary Ink is so much better?

    Our tattoos are used with the highest grade, paper, ink and adhesive. Our patented system compresses the Ink between a thin layer of film and the adhesive trapping the Ink between. This allows us to hold 10x the ink of the standard tattoo and keep the image looking real. Also the ink never adheres to the skin keeping it clean and lasting longer from elements such as sweat and water.

    Can I make anything Into a Temporary Tattoo?

    Yes as long as the image is exactly how you want it we can duplicate that into a perfect replicate. Please keep in mind the higher quality the image we get the better the tattoo will be. If you have any questions please be sure to ask our live chat or send us an email. Your image will come out as an exact duplicate so if you send us a tattoo that is applied to someone else’s arm you will get that persons arm in the tattoo. We cannot change or alter the image unless it’s a bulk order over 50 temporary tattoos.

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